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We collected 23,850 pairs of NEW socks in 2023!

There is an enormous need for NEW SOCKS across charities and shelters in Canada. People think about donating many other items of clothing but often forget about the almighty pair of socks! Socks are vital to keep feet dry, warm and free from disease.

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Celebrating 10 Years of Socks for Hope!

This is our 10th season of Socks for Hope, collecting socks from Dec 1- 18 annually. Our goal is to collect 20,000 pairs of new socks in 2023We are excited to share all of the details.  Enjoy the highlights below or check out the menu above for more info.


Our Mission

Socks for Hope is a volunteer community that comes together to help others. Our Mission is to support vulnerable people that are experiencing homelessness and hardship in Hamilton and Halton. We collaborate with family & friends, local businesses, organizations, schools, churches, fire and police stations, to gather socks for key organizations that distribute directly to thousands of individuals in need.

Key Dates of the Campaign

Join us as we kick off our season with Hot Chocolate & Cookies at the Candlelit Stroll, Downtown Burlington, on November 24! We'd love the chance to say hello and thank our Socks For Hope friends and share more info about the cause. Come and enjoy the Tree Lighting at Civic Square, then visit us as you walk by The Festival of Lights Display at Spencer Smith Park. Our booth will be located at Spencer Smith Park near the intersection of Locust St. & Lakeshore Rd from 7-9 pm. 

Our official campaign runs December 1-18, where you can donate a pair of socks to over 100 different Sock Ambassadors throughout Halton and Hamilton or host a collection of your own. See our Community page to engage with any of our community partners or check out How To Give.

Collaboration with Local Burlington & Hamilton Students

We enjoy having enthusiastic students volunteering their time and skills to help elevate our campaign. This website is student made! And  many students  help out -  collecting socks on their teams, in their schools and taking part in in-class projects to learn more about the organizations we support. Click on our Student Involvement page to read more.


We are a Nonprofit Organization

Socks for Hope is a nonprofit organization. Everything is donated and deliveries are made by volunteers. All monetary donations  buy new socks, cover costs like signage and crates, and help us raise spirit with some cookies & hot chocolate for our kick-off! 

Thanks to our giving community, we enjoy a growing momentum every year! We are grateful for all of your support💛

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