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Socks for Hope wants to provide students with leadership opportunities to help others. Let's give them an opportunity to learn about the vulnerable people in their communities, at their schools and in their neighbourhoods. They may have friends in need of support that they never knew were struggling. 

Let's gently encourage students to learn about people experiencing homelessness and hardship in a compassionate and uplifting environment. Let's also reflect back to them how much their efforts are valued, and how good it feels to make a difference.

Students in Our Circle

Various schools and teams collecting socks

St. John Paul II Catholic Elementary School, Hamilton - The entire school collects socks! Lead by parent Lila Belicz and Principal, Kevin McIsaac, all 18 classrooms have collected for the last 6 years!!  Talk about being invested in their community. Thanks also to Maplehurst PubliceSchool, Lakeshore Public School and other classroom collections and teams like Milton Magic Soccer! See our Community Page for more info.


Central Elementary, Burlington

Teacher, Sher Masters, is working with her leadership team to learn about Compassion Society of Halton this semester.  Students will be doing a class project, having the executive director, Aliya in for a visit, learning about needs in their own community. Plus creating home made signs for our kick-off!


Central High School, Burlington

Teacher, Robert Radway, is encouraging many students to lend a hand and learn about Socks For Hope. Grade 10 student, Owen Stodulka, is partnering with Ottawa University student, Amy Wallace, and together they are creating this very Socks For Hope Website. Pres, another keen grade 10 student, is immersing herself in a journalism project to get to know what a day in the life might be like for an individual facing adversity.

Students running their own collections

Brothers Gavin and Keaton Sherwood-Jones (top left) have been collecting socks from their school, hockey team and their local paper route for the last 4 years! Thank you boys for your significant contributions and demontration of student leadership!

Supporting student entrepreneurs

Twenty-one year old Claire Hurley reached out to say, hey, I'd love to make sock cookies for your launch! We jumped on the opportunity to bring her talent to the team and also provide her with some exposure for her new business @clairescookiess. Did you have a chance to try one of her socks-alicious cookies at Candlelit Stroll?

Our Youngest Volunteers

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