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The story began at Burlington Taxi, in the midst of a cold winter in 2014.  Dispatcher, Sissy Matthews, encouraged staff to support "Your Little Bit of Help," her daughter's campaign that gifted people experiencing homelessness, on Christmas morning. 


Angie Richardson and her angels put together beautiful and supportive gift bags for people in shelters in Hamilton and Burlington. Burlington Taxi decided SOCKS would be a good fit for collecting in their taxis. They wanted to make it fun and easy for customers to donate. The idea of keeping people's feet warm and dry resonated with staff, drivers and community. And the critical element: socks were one of the most valued articles of clothing but least donated items at shelters. 


Your Little Bit of Help continued for 5 years, leaving a legacy of giving the gift of dignity and joy to those who needed it most on Christmas morning!

In 2018, Burlington Taxi was honored to continue Your Little Bit of Help's tradition to support communities at Christmastime. BT's new campaign was called Socks for Hopewhich continued to donate socks to people experiencing homelessness and hardship in the Hamilton and Halton areas. The community of givers grew, from drivers collecting in their taxis, to account customers, to businesses and organizations, running their own sock collections. 

Today, we thank Burlington Taxi for taking the lead and fostering so many wonderful connections in our giving community over the last 8 years. There are a growing number of friends that continue to donate socks, knit socks, collect socks or offer to help out in some way. In 2021, the year that Burlington Taxi closed, it had accumulated over 45 businesses, churches, fire stations, police stations, schools, students, organizations and friends, hosting their own sock collections.

Sending our gratitude to Burlington Taxi, for developing this program with your drivers, customers, community and family. We would not be here without you.

From December 1 thru 18th, we will continue to run our Socks for Hope campaign. While Burlington Taxi has closed, we will always pay homage to our roots. 💛 We will cherish the memories and continue to foster the relationships we have in the Burlington Taxi community and beyond. You will notice our brand colours will remain yellow and black, and always be filled with Burlington Taxi pride.

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